Diva International

Steering It Right
Creating an effective North American TV spot for Diva International meant identifying the ideal user.

Customer Research

However broad their potential target audience, menstrual cups tend to appeal to a specific type of woman. We were tasked with understanding these women and their period habits to inform the strategy for our campaign. We heard from pad users, tampon users and current DivaCup users. We learned that, more than leakage, a woman’s greatest concern touches on how she feels while menstruating and the effect it has on everyday activities. Addressing her feelings and common dilemmas was the key to an effective DivaCup ad.

“Period Paranoia” Campaign

Our campaign highlighted those everyday situations that women find that much harder during menstruation. It addressed the “period paranoia” women face, using humour and exaggerated expression for additional effect. The 30 second spot reminds women that there’s a better alternative to tampons and pads that can reduce (or even eliminate) period paranoia.