Introducing Accelera Marketing

Written by Anita Dong

We’re a marketing company with an expert team that brings monumental impact to our clients and their businesses. Today, we’ve got some monumental news of our own: introducing Accelera Marketing.

Accelera implies a change of speed or velocity, a sudden surge of energy that sends the whole crew thrusting forward. The Accelera crew is made up of industry specialists with 20 years of experience working on some of Canada’s most iconic brands. We work in tandem with our clients, steering them in the right marketing direction and accelerating business growth. Our marketing support is rooted in critical thinking, dedication, trustworthiness and a wide strategic perspective.

Whether it’s pulling Lake of Bays Brewing Co. ahead with a redesign of its four core craft beer brands or helping Dolphin Gaming & Entertainment speed forward with an integrated transit and digital campaign, we build momentum through carefully researched strategic planning and precise tactile execution.

Lost at sea? Get to know us. We’re on deck to help.